Adorable Dog Tries To Stuff Teddy Inside His Carrier, But There Seems To Be A Little Problem


Arvo, a long-haired dachshund wanted to go to sleep inside this dog’s shelter. But it could not just feel comfortable when its teddy bear is not around. So it tried to bring it in inside its little lair.

But apparently, there seemed to be one little problem. Its teddy bear is just too big enough to get inside. Knowing that, Arvo though is not giving up to bring its teddy bear inside.

Arvo’s determination was unwavering. Trying to fit its teddy bear inside wasn’t that easy. Arvo almost tried everything to bring it inside, but things just wouldn’t go better.

But after few tries, this dachshund’s determination finally paid off when it finally found the way to stuff the teddy bear inside. Now, it could finally enjoy the comfort.