She Was Shot, Tied To A Train Track And Left To Die, But Who Did This Got Arrested.


Poor Creature Abused! Humanity has been diminishing day by and day and people for the purpose of their own accomplishments usually end up leaving others on the verge of death by torturing them in the worst possible way. This form of abuse not only comprise being applied to the humans only, in fact the animals have also been captured like this in the worst possible way. Similar story is being featured here as well; the dog was left on a train track to die being tied up after a lot of abuse being done over it.
Arrest of the Culprits
The dog was found laying over the train track with bullets being shot and treated in the worst way. However, later on the owners were being called upon considered as the culprits, they revealed the fact that the dog was being lost from their ownership four months ago and they couldn?t find it. However, now after the rescue they wish to keep the dog and provide it the relevant medical treatment. The culprits were the two young boys who wanted to make the dog used for the dog fight but since the dog resisted this thing they abused it and tried to kill it.