Tiny Piglet Adopts A Massive Pit Bull, What Happens Next, Incredible!


Working on an animal rescue farm may be the best job in the world as this video shows. On her pig and animal rescue farm in West Virginia, this woman had adopted Levi, the Pitt Bull about four years ago. He loves the laid back life at the farm, and has taken over guardianship of the farm.

But when Pigalina was brought to the farm a few months ago, she adopted Levi, and the two have been best friends ever since. The baby piglet was rejected by her litter, maybe because of her tiny size. Levi, however, is probably glad that she is so small because she loves to climb all over him when he naps!

She’s so adorable, Levi looks like he enjoys watching her more than anything. The two are smitten with each other so much that they had to make a video to show the world. Share away, people!