Family Couldn’t Sleep After Tornado Separated Them From Their Dogs


Two cold, rainy and restless nights passed for the Berkshier family. They survived the tornadoes, but they had been separated from their two dogs, Sawyer and Lucy.

In a week of severe weather across the South, at least nine tornadoes passed through North Texas on Saturday night, leaving a trail of devastation to over 600 homes and businesses.

On Monday morning, the Berkshiers returned to the site of their former home and heard muffled barking from within the piles of broken wood and debris.

Later that day, vets told the family that Sawyer hadn’t only survived the unthinkable — being trapped for two days exposed to the cold, wet weather — miraculously, he did it without breaking a single bone.
While Sawyer was busy at the vet, another miracle was underway as the Berkshier family continued their mission to find Sawyer’s sister, Lucy.

Once again, they heard the cries coming from the underneath the scrap.
Below, one of the Berkshiers extended his arm down into a pocket of the wreckage to reach Lucy.
Neighbors and rescuers applauded as he stood up with Lucy in his arms.
While Sawyer and Lucy were reunited with the Berkshiers, there are many other cats and dogs who were separated from their families.

Facebook groups such as Lost & Found Pets from North Texas Tornadoes have been posting images of lost, found and reunited families

CBS11 spoke to the man shown here pulling his tiny puppy from the rubble two days after a tornado struck. A bright spot, amid so much loss… this cell phone footage is now spreading hope AnimalTube

Posted by AnimalTube on Thursday, December 31, 2015

An incredible rescue. Homeowners came back to look through debris and heard their dog barking from underneath the rubble. Two days after #Rowletttornado they rescued him. This is Sawyer’s rescue AnimalTube

Posted by AnimalTube on Thursday, December 31, 2015