This Golden Was Found Unconscious During A House Fire. At 1.5 Minutes, Make Sure To Watch His Tail!


Firefighters responded to an emergency call about a house on fire on Venables Street in Vancouver B.C. The smoke was coming from the top floor of the house, so crews went in and immediately put out the fire. When they were searching around, they saw a dog lying unconscious on the floor and appeared to be dead.
Unconscious During A House Fire
They carried the dog, a Golden Retriever mix, out and immediately began reviving him. They used an oxygen (bag valve) mask. They had been looking into buying pet oxygen masks but didn’t have any on them at the time, so they had to make do with what they had. They cut a human oxygen mask in half to fit the dog and used it to restore the oxygen to his blood. Batt. Chief Peter Bridge said it took nearly twenty minutes to revive the dog. The pup went from unconscious to wagging his tail as soon as he was revived. It’s absolutely amazing! He was taken to the vet to be checked and was just fine.
Unconscious During A House Fire
Watch the nail-biting rescue below: