Top 10 Viral Animal Videos Of 2015


Viral animal videos have been some of the most widely spread videos on the Internet. They can be downright hilarious or bring tears to your eyes, but these videos can’t be resisted. Here are just a few of the top ten viral animal videos to spring up this year.


Cats are considered to be fearless creatures, but all it takes is one vegetable to get them scrambling for cover: the cucumber. No one knows what it is about the long green vegetable that has them so spooked, but it seems to work quite well.


Surfing with great white sharks nearby is a recipe for disaster, but these paddleboarders don’t seem at all spooked. Thankfully, the sharks are only juveniles and so don’t pose much of a threat, but experts advise that it’s really best to leave the creatures alone.

Deep Blue

If you’ve never heard of “Deep Blue”, you’ll definitely remember the name from this day on. It’s the name of a twenty-foot great white shark, the biggest on record, and was found off the coast of Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. Talk about a modern day Jaws!

Circus Animals

Circus animals have never known the freedom of outdoors, and this lion gets to enjoy that right. Watch as he experiences grass between his toes for the first time and romps around his enclosure. Have you ever seen a happier lion?


Rabbits are not known for being very fearless, but this mother rabbit takes a risk in defending her young. She goes after the snake again and again, and soon the reptile gives up on the tasty meal. This is definitely one brave mother.


Bears can be dangerous creatures when faced alone, but this man has no qualms about showing this brown bear who’s boss. By yelling and making himself look bigger, the bear prefers looking somewhere else for a meal.

Glowing Turtle

Have you ever seen a glowing turtle? The hawksbill turtle is probably the second to be discovered to have biofluorescence, the first being the loggerhead turtle, and was glowing red and green when blue light was shone onto it.


Octopi have recently displayed a level of intelligence that was previously unheard of in the world of the marine biologist. They’re capable of using tools and solving problems in order to make their lives easier. No one knows what this octopus is doing with this coconut, but it’s probably something very inventive.

Black Rhino

Sometimes animals can be lazy, as is the case of this genet riding on the back of a black rhino. Whether it’s to get his feet out of the dirt or to have a better vantage point for prey, this footage is rare and speaks volumes of the relationships of wild animals.

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