Controversy Surrounds Woman Caught On Tape “Walking” Her Dog While Driving


A cell phone video showing a woman driving with her tethered dog running alongside the car is going viral, and causing outrage among dog lovers. Police in Stockton, California have reviewed the video and determined that the owner will not be charged with animal cruelty – a decision that community members and animal activists disagree with.

Amanda Brajkovich couldn’t believe her eyes when she witnessed the blue sedan and the brown and white pup on what she described as a busy roadway. She told Fox 8 News:

First thought was, ‘Oh my god, this dog is going to get hurt,’ you know? Maybe a car’s going to go past him and hit him.


Brajkovich pulled up next to the vehicle and recorded the confrontation with her cell phone. The woman, who can be seen quite clearly in the original video, argued that the dog was not being dragged and that there was no tension in the leash. She then drove away with the dog trotting alongside the passing traffic.

Outraged, Brajkovich posted the footage to Facebook where the public has had a chance to weigh in. The overwhelming consensus is that the driver’s actions were lazy, reckless and a danger to the dog as well as other drivers. Phillip Zimmerman, a local animal services department worker pointed out to KOVR TV that the dog’s leash was being controlled by a small child riding in the car, raising even more concerns.

We have a lack of humane education – not only for adults, obviously in this case, but children as well.

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Fox 40 tried to reach out to the dog’s owner for a statement, but were unable to contact her. The Stockton Police Department did say that if they had witnessed the incident they would have “cited the woman for distracted driving” but that any action to intervene on the dog’s behalf would have been unwarranted.