Walking The Dog Day: 10 Dogs Who Can’t Wait To Go For A Walk


February 22nd is officially #WalkingTheDogDay ! That’s right, your dog’s favorite pastime has an official Internet holiday. Whether it’s your dog waking you up at 5am to take them out, or making you take them out just as you get home from work, dogs just can’t seem to contain their excitement about going for a walk. Even describing the following dogs as excited is a bit of an understatement. One simple daily activity can seriously change a dog’s life. Remember it’s extremely important to a dog’s health to make sure they have daily exercise, so make walking a daily part of their routine.

Train vs. Walk

This dog is so excited to go for a walk at the park, but there is one minor thing getting in the way, a train. Actually it’s not so minor after all, but how would this little guy know? This poor dog doesn’t understand and keeps barking and howling, begging his owner to let him out of the car. It’s hilarious how impatient he is, one can only imagine what happened once they finally arrived at their destination and opened the door.

Dog Takes Control Of The Leash

This dog is so eager to take a walk that he starts walking his doggie friend with his own leash! He can’t take waiting for his lazy humans any longer so he figures he might as well just take control. He keeps stomping his feet up and down, holding on to the leash while looking lovingly at his owner, not realizing that he needs to have his own leash on before anything can happen. It’s adorable that he not only wants to go for a walk, but he wants to make sure his buddy comes with.

Dog Can’t Stop Barking

Every time this dog’s owner gets home from work, it’s the same routine. He walks in the door, and immediately his doggie cannot stop barking because she knows exactly what is about to happen. Ironically the moment he steps in the house from work means he has to leave the house immediately again to go for a walk. But how could you deny this dog a walk, she is just so happy. It’s no doubt that this dog loves her daily routine.

Bunny Dog

The moment this Boxer hears the word ‘walk,’ he springs into action, literally. It’s as if the word ‘walk’ is a command to start hopping like a bunny. Every time the owner says ‘walk,’ he springs into the air uncontrollably, acting like a reincarnation of a rabbit. A simple leisurely activity can get this dog so incredibly excited that he jumps like an actual rabbit.

Don’t Even Finish The Sentence

This French Bulldog doesn’t even need to hear the word ‘walk’ before he knows what is about to happen. All the owner says is “Do you want to go for a” and before he says the word ‘walk’ this dog is already running in circles and jumps off the bed to run to the door. It’s amazing how this dog has learned what the sentence means without even needing to hear the actual word. Now that is one smart dog.

Predicable Behavior

Both Coop and Katie love to go outside and go for walks, but Coop’s behavior in particular has become quite predicable. In this funny video, the owner has gone through this situation so many times that he knows exactly how Coop will act when he says the word ‘walk.’ His prediction is spot on, as Coop first tilts his head, waits a moment, get excited, and then starts screeching, licking Katie’s face, and finally jumping up and down.

Dogs Get Excited Compilation

This compilation features every type of dog reaction to going for a walk. You have your barkers, your tail wagers, your jumpers, your stompers, and even your head nodding dogs. It’s hilarious, and actually quite amazing, how many different types of reactions there can be to one single word. Just make sure you don’t have your dog in the room with you while you’re watching or they’ll get excited just from hearing the word come from your computer speakers!

Kangaroo Dog

This is Tito and he loves walks, t­here’s question about it. However, he loves walks so much that when he wants to go not only do his ears perk up and he tilts his head, but he bounces straight into the air just like a kangaroo! It’s adorable how when he jumps up his two front feet come forward just like when a kangaroo bounces. It’s as if Tito has come to learn that word ‘walk’ actually means ‘jump.’Bichon Frise Cannot Wait

Bichon Frise Cannot Wait

This Bichon Frise has no patience when it comes to wanting to go for a walk. He will even do tricks without being asked just to get his owner’s attention. In this clip when his owner asks him to lie down he suddenly rolls over perfectly just because he thinks it will help him go for a walk. According to the owner, he can’t play this video around his dog or even say the word ‘walk’ in conversations without his pup going insane.

Siberian Husky Goes Insane

This Siberian Husky’s reaction to wanting to go for walk will have you in stiches. First, he beats his owner to the front door, racing down the stairs before he can catch up. Then the hilarity really begins. Before the owner even touches the leash the husky stars wailing and howling, but when a husky does it it’s ten times more insane. That is the moment when even the neighbors probably know that this husky wants to go for a walk.