Warning To All Pet Parents – Popular Dog Toy Claims A Dog’s Life


Responsible pet ownership is something many owners take extremely seriously. They look at the ingredients of their pets’ food, examine the material being used in their toys, and even take precautions to ensure that they are warm during the holiday season with sweaters and booties.

We’d like to think that we’re protecting them from as many dangers as possible, but there are some events that are unexpected that no one can prepare for.Warning To All Pet Parents

One such event is what happened to Jamie Stumpf’s dog, Maximus. One day, he was just playing with one of his toys like he always does. Only this time, the day would end in tragedy. The ball was shaped in such a way that there was a large hole at one end.

Warning To All Pet Parents

Chewing down on it would squeeze all of the air out and letting it go would suck the air back in again. Except with Maximus’ tongue in the way, there was nowhere for the air to go, and the toy got stuck on his tongue for an extremely long time. This resulted in extreme swelling of his tongue that eventually led to his death.Warning To All Pet Parents

Other dogs have suffered the same fate of swollen tongues, but thankfully, they received the help they needed to prevent their untimely deaths.

Warning To All Pet Parents

It’s troubling that it takes such a tragedy for people to take notice of dangerous toys, but we can only hope that no more lives will be lost to them and that the irresponsible manufacturers of this dangerous toy are taken to justice. Please SHARE this post with your friends too.