He Was So Cold, He Took Turns Keeping 1 Paw Off The Ground. But You Need To See The Rest.


This is the story of a dog called Diesel who was chained and all alone in a -40 degree weather, completely cold to the bone, not knowing if anyone will come rescue him. In order to top the cold from freezing his paws, he took turns keeping one paw off the ground. Diesel didn’t know what it was like to be free since he was chained, no matter what the weather for 4 long years.

The poor dog was also kicked by a horse breaking all his teeth and splitting his tongue and not only that, he was also mauled by another dog while he was chained. Where was his owner? he was there, but because he was tired of the dog, he decided to leave it as if and move on with his life. Thanks to Animal Advocates, Diesel got a second chance to life.

Take a look at this video here