Woman Kills 8 Puppies In Front Of Their Mother “To Teach Her A Lesson”


The town of Krishnanagar, in India, is in a state of shock. Because a stray dog chose to give birth near her front door, a woman decided to punish her by killing all eight of her puppies, right in front of her eyes. Following the incident which took place on March 15th, local residents are demanding justice.
Woman Kills 8 Puppies

A traumatic act of cruelty 

The owner of the house did not appreciate the presence of this mother stray and her puppies in a gutter by her front door. And mercilessly, she killed them all one by one in front of their mother, who was powerless to stop her.

Thrown against rocks, the newborns did not survive. The morbid scene was discovered by her neighbours, who said so much damage had been done that some of the puppies intestines were strewn across the rocks.

The local residents were completely horrified and told the IndiaTimes that the female dog kept trying to “wake them up, running around us asking for help, trying to show us.”Woman Kills 8 Puppies


The perpetrator of this heinous crime does not seem to regret her actions. She wanted to teach the stray dog a lesson so that she didn’t come back to her house. An outraged neighbour recounted:


When we asked her how she could kill innocent puppies, and that she had no right to do that, she said she wanted to teach the mother a lesson so that she doesn’t litter or come near her house again.


The Indian authorities are investigating


As soon as police and charities were informed, the woman responsible for the puppies’ deaths was arrested and then released on bail.

According to India’s legislation against acts of animal cruelty, she could be sentenced for up to five years in prison.Woman Kills 8 Puppies

The tragic fate of dogs in India

This local news reminds us of the terrible fates of many dogs in India. The country has around 30 million strays and abandoned animals wandering the streets.

But local charities are fighting against the problem every day. A particular story of a stray dog comes to mind, whose face looked completely disfigured by an abscessuntil he was rescued and given medical care.

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the most incredible Indian charities that saves the lives of hundreds of stray dogs each year. Please help support them if you care about these dogs.