Woman Spots Pit Bull Sitting On Bench. Takes One Step Closer & Gasps At Discovery


If the millions of pictures and videos on social media are any proof, then it’s easy to see how much people love their pet dogs.

It’s hard to believe that this bond between humans and canines, who started as hunting partners eons ago, has evolved into that of a true friendship and lifelong companionship.

So while there are indeed plenty of dog owners who don’t think twice about sparing any expense in treating their furry friend like family, there are some bad apples too who don’t think twice about abusing and neglecting a dog for their own benefit.

In this story from California, we get a glimpse of how one dog experienced both these worlds…

A group was walking around a park in Santa Barbara when one of them noticed a pit bull sitting on a park bench. The dog was alone and looked terrified even from a distance. Closer inspection revealed that the pit bull was blind as evident from its glassy eyes, and indeed scared from being abandoned in a strange place by its owner.

She was soon taken to Santa Maria Animal shelter, which determined that she was no more than three-years-old and abused by the previous owner for breeding purposes without proper care. In addition to signs of delivering a litter of puppies just before being left in the park, the dog also showed signs of starvation and skin disease, both of which could have easily been prevented with just a little bit of care.

It was clear that she had a rough start in life and would need plenty of medical attention to recover and have a chance at a new life!

Eventually ending up in the care of Forever Home Pet Rescue, which is an all-volunteer non-profit charity, the blind dog became known as Poly and started receiving the love and attention she deserved. The goal was to bring her back to good health so that she could be placed with a new family that would give her the love she had missed in her formative life.

Fortunately, as Poly’s story made its round in the community and on the internet, the funds to help her get better came streaming in. In fact, Poly made such an impression that she eventually became the face of the rescue organization.

A Facebook page called Poly – Blind Pibble was also established to not only keep the public posted on Poly’s progress, but to also share equally inspiring stories of other pets being rescued.

The transformation between what Poly looked like on the day she was found on that park bench, to how she felt after her rescue was night and day. She was a new dog with a new spirit!

Here is a video of scared Poly on that bench, then being transformed into a happy dog!

Sadly, this story doesn’t have the happy end we desire. In spite of all the support she was receiving, it was starting to become clear that Poly needed more and more medical help before she would be ready for her new forever home. Thankfully, the rescue organization was not deterred by this and continued to help Poly in every way they could.

On April 27, 2017 however, after what started as a fun and normal day for Poly, ended with a sudden heart condition from which she did not recover. She passed being surrounded by all the rescue workers that loved her dearly.

Poly who was found on that park bench in October of 2015 might not have lived long enough to find her forever home, but she did receive all the love and care to make up for what had been a terrible start in life. Poly’s story continues to be an inspiration in raising awareness and critical funds for the organization to continue its mission. Rest in peace Poly. You will be missed and never forgotten.